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Free Large Design Icons 2011.1

Free Large Design Icons 2011.1: Free large design icons save time and are the perfect web design solution design icons will be just what you need to create a professional looking website. Instead of investing the time to create images you can use our expertly crafted icons to provide the perfect finishing touch to any website. Large Icons also plans to release the following icon packs: Free Icons For iPad, Free Icons For Developers, Free Design Icons, Delicious Design Icons, Cool Design Icons, Realistic Avatar Icons, People Realistic Icons, Happy Kitchen

Perfect Design Icons 2013.1: Bright and sleek design icons for graphic software. Download stock icons here.
Perfect Design Icons 2013.1

Design Icons collection is drawn by professional icon designers, and hand-painted by experienced artists. The set of design icons will enhance any graphic editor or image editing product. Including images such as Designer icon, Portfolio icon, Website icon, Image icon, Color Palette icon, Color icon, 3d Design icons, Software Designer icon, Web Design icon, Find icon, View icon, Clear icon, Photo and Pictures icon, the set of attractive icons has

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32x32 Free Design Icons 2013.1: 32x32 Free Design Icons pack will instantly refine your graphic application
32x32 Free Design Icons 2013.1

icons and put them on the net. There is only one problem with those icons - their quality. You can usually see rough edges, inconsistent color and blurry look in smaller sizes. That does not apply to the images, created by professional designers. However, professionally designed icons are not usually offered free of charge. Not usually, does not mean not at all. And here is an exception. 32x32 Free Design Icons are licensed under a Creative Commons

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Icon Design Pack 2013.1: Icon Design Pack offers designers and software developers a perfect start
Icon Design Pack 2013.1

Design Pack bundles seven icon collections for free to provide an easy start for the busiest of designers. Including Free Application Icons, Free Button Icons, Free Design Icons, Free Object Icons, Free Pixel Icons, Free Time Icons and Free Toolbar Icons, Icon Design Pack equips software developers and Web designers with most icons they need using in site navigation, application toolbars and dialogs. The icons come in an assortment of sizes, mostly

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Perfect Automation Icons 2013.1: Use perfect icons to make automated software design faster and easier.
Perfect Automation Icons 2013.1 Our stock icon site will contain the following stock icon sets in the nearest future: Commercial Icon Set, Content Management System Icons, Electrical Icons, Web Clip Art, Web Design Elements Clipart, Christian Clipart, Christian Icon Set, Modern Orthodox Icons, iPad 2 Icons, Cool Icons for iPad, Quality Stock Icons for Web, SVG Icon Set, Crystal SVG Icons, Free SVG Vector Icons, Pastel SVG Icon

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Android Tab Icons 2011.2: Over a hundred tab icons for Android developers in raster and vector formats
Android Tab Icons 2011.2

Icons such as Android OS, Apple, Windows, User, Doctor, PC, Clock, Calendar, Microwave, Suitcase, Microphone, Radio, Mail, Chat, Settings, Chain, Scissors, Stop, Disk, Tools and Options are included among many others. You can download these icons here: Aha-Soft plans to design the following icon packs: Android Interface Icons, Android Style Icons, Android Launcher Icons, Free iPhone Icons

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Autumn Icons - Small and Large edition 1.0: A collection of ready stock icons most often required for program design. Free.
Autumn Icons - Small and Large edition 1.0

Basic icon set in Autumn style. A collection of ready stock icons most often required for program design. Our stock icons are perfect for shareware developers and web designers, who need to create a first-class interface for their software, web application or game, but value their time and do not want to spend weeks and even months on waiting for the designer to finish his work. Icons are free and available in sizes from 16x16 to 128x128. Design

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